In the food and drink industry Trisun provides a full range of citrus options: orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, sweetie and other fruits. Our product range contains concentrates, bases, single strength

 Our feed supplement products rely on our global infrastructure of premium quality, reliable manufacturers, with an established record in the field. We put extra attention to make sure our products quality is uncompromised.

Trisun’s Cosmetic and Toiletry solutions enable our customers to have a “One Stop Shop” regarding industry raw materials. We supply all possible oleo/petro chemicals – different types of surfactants, amides, glycerin, fatty acids, esters and more.


Trisun Ltd. Is a leading trading company and a supplier of raw materials for various industries. We are a part of an international group of fruit and vegetable processing & trading companies with years of experience and know-how. Since the company was established in 1990, our global chain of partners enables us to supply quality materials in a “tailor made” manner. Our comprehensive, efficient and reliable service is well known, and is given together with unmatched prices. We believe in quality, transparency and partnership.

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