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About us

Trisun Ltd. is a leading raw materials supplier and product manufacturer for a wide array of industries. We are part of an international consortium involved in all stages of the production chain, starting in agriculture, continuing through manufacturing, and progressing all the way to marketing, sales, and commercial activities.

We supply raw materials for three primary industries:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Homecare

For over 30 years, our global supply chain has enabled us to procure quality materials tailored to the needs and specifications of each and every customer. Our extensive global network and high volume allow us to offer unmatched prices and comprehensive, efficient, and reliable service.


When you buy from Trisun, you gain the sense of security and peace of mind that the product you ordered is the product you’ll get—on time and with no surprises. We make sure every order is handled smoothly and is completely hassle-free.