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Our Dairy alternative products are vegan and free of dairy components (lactose and casein),cholesterol, soy, trans fat, gluten, and other allergens, and are non-GMO.

Our Meat alternative products are high in protein and low in fat. They are cholesterol, trans fat, and egg-free and are non GMO.

Vgarden- vegan brand committed to innovation, quality, uncompromising flavor, making leisure food accessible to everyone, and doing our share to contribute to greater environmental, health, and moral responsibility in food culture.

Do you want to learn more about our delicious products?

Vgarden offers a diverse and delicious selection of vegan products:

● Vgarden’s vegan hard cheese series
Gouda, mozzarella, feta, cheddar ,parmesan, and more, enriched with calcium and dietary fiber-perfect for cooking and baking but also very tasty cold in sandwiches or in a cheese platter.

● Vgarden’s delicious plant-based alternative spreads
Cream cheeses in a variety of rich flavors, labneh, and butter-perfect for sandwiches, dips enriching sauces and soups and to use in desserts

● Vgarden’s mini puff pastry series
100%vegan-three different types of vegan puff pastry-crispy and delicious, for quick, easy and convenient preparation.

● Vgarden’s vegan nuggets
Coated in golden bread crumbs, Excellent for serving as appetizers for the perfect hospitality. Comes in three flavors.

● Vgarden’s plant-based meat alternatives
hamburgers, minced meat, pepperoni, and pastrami-that look, feel, taste, and cook exactly like real meat. They are low in fat, enriched with fibers and protein ,and free from cholesterol.


Why Trisun?

Trisun is an experienced and established company that has the proven ability to source top-quality raw materials from anywhere in the world and meet unique customer needs and requests.


Global Network

Our global network includes a wide variety of partners that work closely with us to meet your every need.